Şahin Özdemir


 I was born in 1984 in Ankara. My father is a cold worker .I learned the subtleties of the cold working technique thanks to the long time I spent in his workshop since my childhood. As a result of my own efforts in a few months using glass blowing technique began to make decorative products. After meeting my wife, I started to make glass beads and glass marble. I participated in the workshops of Ömer Meral, Tom Galbraith and Simone Crestani to improve my art and learn new techniques.

In 2015, I became glass master of Ministry of Culture Turkey . In May 2017 I took part as a demo artist in Denizli biennial with my wife. In December 2018, my biography, article and tutorial were published in the magazine Glass Line, published in the USA. In October 2017 we moved to Belgrade. We continue to work in this city where we set up our studio.