Serbay Doru


Serbay Doru was born in 1988 in Bandırma.

Between the years of 2007-2012, he completed his undergraduate program at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Glass.

During his undergraduate education, he took part in workshops of leading glass artists such as glass artists Masayo ODAHASHİ, Yoshiaki KOJRO, Ed Van DIJK and Kazimierz PAWLAK.

Between 2012 and2014 ,in Denizli  he worked at Karma Glass Studio .He was the assistant of Fatih Duruerk.  He also found the opportunity to work with Italian glass artist Lucio Bubacco.  He took part in the construction of Glass Rooster Sculpter.

He is one of the glass masters Traditional Arts Association founded under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In 2015, he founded Alaz Glass Arts Center in Bandırma where he continues to work on contemporary  glass art.