Deniz Divleli Özdemir



I was born in 1986 in Ankara. In 2010 I received a basic training in glass bead making. In 2011, I set up a small studio in my home to continue my studies. In 2012, I started to work as a professional. Between 2012 and 2016, I performed glass art and gave private workshops at my studio in Ulucanlar Prison Museum Art Street ,Ankara . I have participated in the workshops of Ömer Meral, Tom Galbraith and Simone Crestani in order to improve my art and learn new techniques. In May 2017, I took part in the 4th International Denizli Glass Biannial. In April 2017 my biography, article and tutorial were published in Glass Line Mazagize. I am the first Turkish glass artist to present Glass Line Magazine. In October 2017, we moved our glass art work together with my wife, Şahin Özdemir, a glass artist to the city of Belgrade, Serbia, where we opened a glass art workshop. We continue our work here.