Denizli; Home of Generous Land and Intelligent People

When we look at the last 25 years, we can see that Denizli, which is a leading city of Turkish economy with its developed industry, is resolving. People of Denizli want to convey the development they had in industry to other sectors. Denizli is on its way for becoming a global city by combining the abilities with products presented by the generous lands.  
At the beginning of 80’s, Denizli became indispensable for Turkish economy by the industrial attack. Now, Denizli is leaping by taking the advantages of its land opportunities. Denizli is one of the oldest localization of Anatolia through history and many different civilizations have occupied the land of Denizli. Now, Denizli starts to share its’ historical backlog with today’s world. Agricultural areas located on trade roads have made Denizli a magnet through history. The civilizations who benefit from these advantages lived their gorgeous period of time.
Denizli, by using the assets of development is making prestige all around the world. Talented, enterprising and hardworking Denizli people convert the historical, cultural and natural prosperities to economical values. 
Denizli started the necessary investments for geothermal sources to be used in health tourism additional to the tourist yields received by the worldwide famous Pamukkale. New plans have been developed for the coming years to build up new thermal facilities. Local administrations are working to create an adequate and efficient environment.
Working on a cultural-tourism-trade basis, investors of Denizli tend to investments which highlight the natural – cultural values. The importance of tourism income both on Denizli economy and Turkish economy is well known and the trend of change for the future.
The land of Denizli has various great values like marble, Buldan textile, wineyards and wine, Yatağan knives, apples and cherries. One of these economic values is glass. There are a lot of small studio flats and workshops working on decorative glass. Carrying on traditional handmade glass is undertaken by Denizli Cam as a mission. The company which is a leader in Turkey on producing handmade glass is becoming one of the world’s famous glass companies.  
Denizli Cam is making the 5000 year old glazier tradition come alive. Denizli Cam is the one and only company that produces handmade glass in Çeşm-i Bülbül (eye of a nightingale) glass art technique. Çeşm-i Bülbül is a great value of Denizli and a heritage of this land to be handed down to new generations. 
Denizli is perpetuating the glass art by training new craftsmen and progressing well in making Denizli Glass Art as a global brand.